Greensboro NC Med Spa

Online Marketing Casestudy August 2020- July 2021


Declining client base

This Greensboro based Medical Spa reached out because the business’ website was running outdated code which was causing security issues.  The older website was affecting the med spa’s ability to attract new patients and it could no longer be updated by the team. 
They had also noticed that even though they were spending hundreds of dollars running both Google AdWords and Facebook Ad campaigns each month, they weren’t getting many new patients into the practice. 

BloomDigital Steps In

How We Helped This Med Spa Bloom

Phase 1:Website Development
Upon taking on the project, we discovered that the med spa’s website was using an older theme that was no longer supported by the developer.  The team liked the overall look of the website, so we rebuilt the site from scratch using the latest technology and ensuring that all of the plugins and features worked together seamlessly.

Phase 2: Market Research

When viewing the Med Spa’s previous marketing analytics, we found that their ads were targeting many keywords and phrases that the intended audience didn’t use.  These “zero value” terms were costing the medspa money each month. We went to work researching the best converting terms and phrases and incorporated these words into the website and ads.

3. Search Engine Optimization
Our team uses the keyword research performed previously  to optimize each page on the website.  We make sure that the title tags, the image tags, the descriptions and headings use effective phrases that not only make sense to the website visitors, but tell Google and other search engines, what the page is about. Once the website’s “on page optimization” is completed, we move on to “off page optimization”.

4. Content Creation
Great content is the key to off page optimization.  By creating keyword filled blog posts and articles, we can create an authoritative backlink profile to the website and GMB listing.  Our creation services include blog posts, guest posts, press releases, social media content.


The Real Results

Now that the website has been updated with search engine optimized content, the business is appearing in over 5000 searches per month organically. Over 1000 views are local map searches that increase the likelihood of a visitor becoming a client.

Search Views
Direct Queries
Indirect Queries
Map Views

Google Map Pack Rankings

The Key to Local Visitors

By utilizing and maintaining the Greensboro Med Spa’s “Google My Business” profile, we’ve been able to consistently grow the amount of search traffic the website and business appear in locally.  This means not only an increase in website traffic, but an increase in new patient phone calls and driving direction requests. Our team optimized the listing, schedules relevant posts regularly, and  creates relevant backlink profiles to increase the listings authority. 

Check Out Their Current Monthly Stats


Website Clicks

Potential customers clicked on the website link in the Google map section to learn more about Infinite Allures offerings.


Phone Actions

143 search visitors used the “click to call” function found in Infinite Allures map listing to call the business.


Driving Directions

Nearly 75 new patients used Google Maps to request directions to the med spa.