How to Get More Medical Spa Leads for Your Business

As a physician, your company lives and dies by the number of new patients you can attract to your medical spa. While having loyal regulars is great, you also need a steady stream of new med spa leads. The most challenging part is getting potential prospects to find out about your med spa business and then turning them into paying clients.

With so many medical spa services out there, you need to do something special to stand out from the crowd. That’s where med spa digital marketing comes in. It can address every aspect of the sales funnel, from increasing the visibility of your med spa to producing more medical spa leads and then converting these leads into clients.

If you’re feeling lost about where to start with your lead generation and digital marketing strategy, here are some of our tips for planning your med spa lead generation strategies.

Set Up a Google My Business Profile

Consumers are searching for beauty services and med spas every single day. When people look for medical spa businesses, their first stop is the internet. Almost all prospects will search for a service using Google and having a Google My Business profile can do a lot to increase your visibility and generate leads.

Setting up a Google My Business account is free and relatively easy. All you need to do is provide Google with relevant information, like your address, phone number, web page, operating hours, and company name. Google will do the rest and generate a comprehensive profile.

It’s very similar to a Yellow Pages listing in days of yore, but with a lot more technology behind it. It’s a powerful tool to help get your med spa business seen online that can’t be ignored by any businesses today.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the gold standard for med spa lead generation and driving visitors to your website. Essentially, what SEO does is increase your ranking on Google searches. So, if someone searches for keywords like “Botox near me,” your website page will be near the top.

In most instances, focusing on local SEO is the best way to go. As a physician, you don’t need to inform people a thousand miles away of your skills – you need to focus on local marketing and local med spa leads.

There are plenty of ways to improve your visibility, including starting a blog, displaying your contact information, and even including some reviews from former clients to show off your well-deserved reputation.

The great thing about this lead generation methodology is that it ensures that you get motivated leads. Instead of someone accidentally stumbling on your site, these leads already want your services – all you need to do is convince the leads that you’re the best med spa option with the right message.

The conversion rates on organic-driven content tend to be the highest as they generate leads of the highest quality. This is why we recommend all med spa businesses take advantage of this lead generation method.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC advertising is similar to SEO in that it puts your website at the top of a page when someone searches for a medical spa near them. The two main PPC avenues for lead generation are Google AdWords and Facebook.

Both provide potential leads with targeted ads for your medical spa. When a person clicks on the ad, it will take them to your website, and you’ll pay Google or Facebook a small fee, depending on the keywords you’ve chosen.

The main advantage of PPC is that it produces almost immediate results. While you will need to pay for every lead, the increased visibility for your med spa practice is worth it. These leads tend to be affordable and this lead generation strategy is easily scalable.

A solid marketing strategy is to combine PPC and SEO for maximum visibility. Paid ads offer immediate results and can improve your reputation, which also makes sales easier. Then, once you have reliable traffic to your website, you can dial back on the PPC and enjoy the benefits of high-quality, organic medical spa leads.

Both approaches require extensive research into keywords and a smart lead generation strategy for best results, but even short campaigns can prove effective at driving visitors to your website.

Leverage Social Media

Social media marketing is an excellent way to engage with existing customers and generate new med spa leads. You can create a dedicated account for your practice with video, blogs, and space where your target audience can chat and interact with you.

You can even start a YouTube channel discussing what to expect at a medical spa, tips for better health, or your normal treatment process. Engaging with your audience in this way creates loyalty and drives new leads to your practice.

Many people look to platforms like Instagram and Facebook for reliable referrals and trust the information they get from former customers about the services they received. However, if you decide to use social media in your marketing efforts, remember that it is time-intensive and requires constant interaction to be a success. Having a profile that has few replies will make your med spa practice look disreputable or indifferent and may even affect your current customer generation efforts.

Don’t Neglect Digital Marketing Staples

Most of the digital marketing strategies discussed rely on inbound marketing – where the patient comes to you via advertising, organic search, or social media.

However, email marketing is still an incredibly effective tool to target specific demographics and generate med spa leads. You can start this med spa lead generation with an email capture form on your site that allows users to give you their email. After that, you can send out marketing campaigns that feature a new service or a special offer and calls to contact your local office by phone or an online form.

You need to manage an email marketing campaign gently because while people like getting informative content, they don’t like getting spammed with ads. For this digital marketing strategy to be effective at lead generation, you need to identify your target market and create content that’s interesting, informative, and useful.

A Solid Landing Page for Lead Generation

All your paid ads and organic traffic will eventually visit your website, so you need to ensure that you have a way to convert these leads into paying customers. Lead conversion is the next part of the sales funnel and needs as much attention as lead generation.

Landing pages are specific parts of your site where you direct potential leads looking for a service. These pages must entice the lead to schedule an appointment. As such, it needs a clear message, a strong call to action (CTA), an easy way to contact, and should mention how your practice can address the customer’s pain points.

If you’re relying on SEO traffic, the rest of your website also needs to be on-point. This means having a site that loads quickly, is mobile-friendly, looks good, and provides authoritative, useful content.

Managing med spa marketing strategies can feel overwhelming. Most physicians want to treat patients – not spend time on their blog trying to create new, innovative content and posts for their keywords.

Working with a dedicated marketing agency can streamline the process and produce visible results. If you want the benefits of quality medical spa leads, why not let us take care of it for you? Our experience in quality lead generation for med spas allows us to be your partner in growth. Get in touch and see how we can help your business today!



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