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Then  you’ve come to the right place. Our proven med spa digital marketing strategies are designed with a med spa business’ needs and goals in mind.

Digital Marketing for Med Spas and Aestheticians

The best digital marketing strategies combine on-site content, interaction on social media, some paid placement and follow up contact through email or another channel. We help you develop a brand image that will keep you in the top of customers and patient’s minds and help them decide that you are the one to choose when it is time to look their best. Our methods create a strong presence online with consistent visibility on a number of channels.

Isn’t it time to improve your medical spa’s digital marketing efforts? We’ll be happy to discuss our digital marketing strategies and tactics available to create a custom marketing plan for your business. Get in touch today to start building a strong and profitable presence online.

Our Medspa Marketing Solutions

Website Design

Your custom built website will be professionally designed specifically for your business and created to look good on most devices.

Search Engine Optimization

We'll research the best search terms for your service and location. We wil then use these terms in articles, directory listings, and throughout your website to ensure that your site makes it to the top of the list.​

Pay Per Click / Adwords

We'll help set up and manage your Adwords campaign to make sure you're running ads for the most “lead producing” keywords, have well-written ad copy and use optimized landing pages.​

Content Marketing

Our expert team of writers will research your services and create relevant topics and content for you. These articles will be shared throughout your digital community.​

Email Marketing

We can set up a newsletter sign up form on your website or landing page and schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletters to be delivered to your subscribers email accounts.​

Social Media Marketing

Our experts will profile your company and create a tailored program of promotion that is designed to deliver the perfect amount of social content, at the right frequency, for each platform.

Are You Ready To Get Your Medical Spa
In Front of More Patients Who Are Looking For Your Services?

Do You Need To Attract More Patients to Your MedSpa?

We Provide Targeted Marketing Solutions to Help Your Business Grow

If you’re like most Medical Spa, Aesthetician, or Day Spa business owners, you’re probably overwhelmed by digital marketing. With so many online marketing channels to choose from, it can be tough deciding which ones are worth your time. Sometimes you feel like all of this is a waste of time and money without any tangible results to show for it! Is there really an answer?

Working with a digital marketing agency is the obvious solution to all this, but it can be scary because you’re trusting someone else with your business. You need an agency that will work alongside you on a custom strategy  that makes sense for both your goals and your budget.

BloomDigital was created for Medspa businesses that don’t have the time to pull double duty as their own marketing department. You’ll never have to worry about finding or implementing the latest trends in digital media again, because we do that for you! We find out what works and use it to get measurable results with every campaign.

Elevate Your Med Spa with Expert Marketing Services

At BloomDigital, we specialize in propelling your med spa to new heights. Our tailored marketing strategies ensure that your most profitable services reach the right audience, driving growth and success.


Transform your practice with the art of rejuvenation. Fillers offer immediate results and high client satisfaction, driving repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.

Laser Resurfacing

Offer the cutting-edge in skin care technology. Laser resurfacing appeals to clients seeking advanced treatments, positioning your med spa as a leader in innovative beauty solutions.


Brighten your service offerings with IPL. This versatile treatment addresses various skin concerns, attracting a diverse clientele looking for personalized beauty solutions.

Skin Tighteing

Firm up your client base with skin tightening treatments. Ideal for age-conscious clients, this service provides visible results and boosts client confidence, leading to higher retention rates.


Elevate your med spa with this sought-after service. Injectables are not only popular but also encourage regular client visits, ensuring a steady stream of business.


Tap into the growing demand for non-invasive beauty solutions. Microneedling attracts a broad client base, eager for its rejuvenating benefits and minimal downtime.

Body Sculpting

Shape success with body sculpting. This high-demand service attracts clients seeking non-surgical options for body enhancement, adding a lucrative dimension to your practice.


Revitalize your menu with nutrient infusions. These wellness treatments appeal to health-conscious clients, adding a unique and trending service to your repertoire.

Why Choose BloomDigital as Your Med Spa Marketing Team

At BloomDigital, we don’t just offer services; we become a partner invested in your growth. As your dedicated online marketing team, we focus on creating data-driven digital marketing solutions tailored for MedSpas, Estheticians, and other beauty service businesses.

With over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, we’ve honed a proven process that not only attracts visitors but also compels them to click through for more information or to schedule a call. Our partnership goes beyond transactions; we’re committed to understanding and aligning with your goals, ensuring that every strategy is a step towards your success.

Choosing BloomDigital means streamlining your marketing efforts. You’ll have a single, cohesive team working on your behalf, eliminating the complexity and inefficiency of dealing with multiple vendors. Our integrated approach ensures that your online presence is consistently strong, targeted, and reflective of your practice’s unique strengths and needs.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you build your online presence. Let’s work together to tailor a strategy that addresses your medspa’s individual needs and catapults your practice to new heights of success.

Want to learn more about how we can take your medical spa practice to the next level?

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